2013 Modest Man Gift Guide

Do you have a man in your life who is on the shorter side? Maybe your husband, boyfriend, son, brother or father? I'll tell you what they hate — getting oversized, ill-fitting clothes for Christmas. It's no fun trying on a new shirt that doesn't fit in front of the Christmas morning crowd and wondering to yourself, “Did they really think I could wear a Large?”

(Dear Mom: If you're reading this, understand that I'm not talking about you. I love every gift you've ever given me. Same goes for grandma!)

Surprise your modest man this year with a present that he'll love and actually wear. Here are five gifts that are sure to be a hit with any man under 5'8″:

Peter Manning Cotton Sweater

Peter Maning Jeans and SweaterPeter Manning NYC makes classic American sportswear for men 5'8″ and under. I recommend Peter Manning jeans, chinos and shirts all the time, and I recently tried out a couple of their cotton sweaters. They are available in crew or v-neck, and they're perfectly proportioned for shorter gents.

Of all the Christmas gifts I've received over the years, sweaters have been the most problematic. They are almost always too baggy and at least one size too big, and they often end up collecting dust in the closet or being returned. Save your man a trip to the tailor by giving him a sweater that fits this year.

Peter Manning Scarf

Peter Manning ScarfFirst of all, I know that not every guy likes to wear scarves, so let me give you three reasons to get into them:

  1. They keep your neck warm
  2. They're super dapper
  3. Chicks dig 'em

Convinced? Good. But don't just buy any old scarf. Get one that was created specifically for svelte gents, like a handmade-in-the-USA Peter Manning scarf. They're just the right size, and you can pick from four classic designs that will never go out of style.

Fort Belvedere Three Fold Tie

Fort Belvedere Three Fold TieThe Fort Belvedere brand was created by Sven Raphael Schneider, the man behind the style blog Gentlemen's Gazette. Fort Belvedere ties are handmade in Germany, and they're available in short sizes for men under 5'8″.

If you'd like to see these ties in action, check out my detailed review. Then head over to the Gentlemen's Gazette Shop to grab one (or three) for yourself.

Sock Hop Socks

Sock Hop Small SocksSocks are classic stocking stuffers. The problem is, for men with small feet, we might as well be wearing actual stockings. Most dress socks only come in one size, which supposedly fits anyone who wears size 8-12 shoes. What about those men who wear size 7 or 6 or even smaller?

Sock Hop is a NYC-based store that sells high quality socks in different sizes. Their men's socks fit down to a size 6 shoe (US sizing). I've been wearing a pair of their Falke Modern Argyle socks, and I really like them. My heels actually sit in the heels of the socks, and they go up just above mid-calf. They're dressy enough for work and comfortable enough for play. Step up your stocking stuffers with a pair of Sock Hop socks.

Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Original Desert BootsIf you're struggling to think of the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend or son, this one is for you. These desert boots look good on every man. They're available in all sizes (down to US 6) and many different colors.

My personal favorite is beeswax. It works with so many different outfits, from super casual (jeans and t-shirt) to slightly dressy (chinos and button up). Desert boots are a staple in any man's wardrobe, and Clarks makes some of the best.

BONUS: The Modest Man Style Guide

Want to get yourself a little something this year? Pick up a copy of The Modest Man Style Guide.

Many readers of The Modest Man have already bought this guide. It's a concise, organized eBook about style for men under 5'8″.

It's like the blog, but more organized and full of exclusive content. It also comes with an audio version and couple of other cool bonuses.

Happy Holidays!

What do you want to give/receive this year? Share your ideas below!

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