2013 Fall Style from Peter Manning NYC

If you're reading this, you probably already know that the clothing industry hates doesn't cater to short men. There is one company, however, that is focused 100% on making classic American clothing that fit men under 5'8″ perfectly. That company is Peter Manning NYC, and they are getting better with each season.

The Fall lineup at Peter Manning is impressive. It consists of classic blue jeans, sweaters, chinos, button up shirts and polos. Peter was nice enough to send me some clothes to try on, and I've really been enjoying them.

Peter Manning Jeans and Sweater

 shirt (similar) | sweater (similar)| jacket | jeans (similar) | boots (similar)

Peter Manning clothes aren't skinny or baggy. They're cut for shorter gents who want a classic, timeless look. If you're really thin and prefer very slim fit clothes, Peter Manning may not be the best brand for you. These shirts and pants fit me just fine, but they certainly aren't the slimmest clothes in my closet.

On the other hand, if you want a little more room through the leg, Peter Manning now makes a “classic cut” chino that is cut just a bit wider than the originals. I prefer the slim-fit chinos, which look great with some brown suede bucks:

Peter Manning Chinos and Polo

shirt (sold out) | cardigan | jacket | chinos | shoes

Peter Manning shirts and jackets are sized using a proprietary system based on height and weight. The pants come in traditional inseam/waist measurements, but they're available in sizes that you'll never find in stores (like 28×27 and 32×28).

They feature a short rise so, unlike low rise pants, you can wear them comfortably at your waist. This is great because most short men aren't built for low rise pants.

The clothes aren't cheap, but they're not unreasonable, and they're very high quality. Plus, you really can't put a price on proper fit. If you haven't tried out Peter Manning, I highly recommend doing so. Use the promo code WELCOME for 15% off your first order.

What do you think about these photos? Have you tried Peter Manning yourself? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Looking good Brock!!! I hope the Peter Manning line can improve my look. 😀

    • Thanks, Cyrus! If you haven’t tried them yet, definitely give it a shot. I’d say go with the jeans or a sweater to start (depending on what you need).


  2. Hey Brock. Glad to see you’re not afraid of sitting down on a dirty DC stoop with your designer pants, haha. I have to say I’m really impressed with the site and it has really grown since I first heard about this project. Your site is a unique voice for those of us slightly shorter gents who want to look good. I just had a few general comments I’d like to make.

    Express. Any thoughts on this store? While they’re not the highest quality, I’ve found a lot of their clothing comes pretty close to the higher priced brands, and are priced pretty well. I like the way most of the clothes fit as a relatively fit 5’6″ dude, and I know a stylish gent who at 5’4″ only wears their brand for the most part. I can’t recall a post where you mentioned them, so I’d like to hear your take. I think they’ve got stores in both Montgomery mall and Tyson’s corner.

    Grooming. It’s been a little while since you put up a post about general grooming. I’m currently (excitedly) awaiting shipment of some very special Japanese and Parisian skincare products, and I’m hoping they work well. I found very little information while doing my research on those kind of products and I think this is an area a lot of guys could gain a big boost. There are more advanced grooming areas like teeth whitening and eyebrow management that most guys probably don’t think about. I just got my eyebrows waxed and I must say it makes a huge difference.

    Shopping. This site has really pointed me in the direction I wanted and saved me from wasting hours in the dressing rooms of countless department stores. So with that in mind, I’d really appreciate it if you had a simple shopping page that included your affiliate links on one page so you get your due credit for helping me out. In your rant post, you described what stores worked for different clothing items, and I think if you had a page with your recommendations sorted by clothing item (pants, dress shirts, accessories, etc), that would make it a lot easier. If you had a store page link at the top of the site, maybe between Style and Inspiration, it would make it much simpler than navigating through each individual post. I’m probably going to ask for mostly clothes this holiday season, and I’d prefer to do my shopping through this site. Thanks again for being a voice for us shorter men.

    • Bobby,

      What’s up man? Great to hear from you. I’ll try to address each of our comments:

      Express- love it for sweaters and jeans. Their Rocco pants fit me perfectly, but they have slightly wider and slimmer cuts as well. Runs big, so size down on the waist (I usually wear a 30, but 28 at Express fits great). Also, make sure to get the “skinny leg” version. It’s not skinny, just a little tapered below the knee (maybe 7″ or so). Also, their Merino sweaters are awesome. Plus, they ALWAYS have great sales going on. I also have a pea coat from them. Had to shorten the sleeves, but it fits great. I can’t vouch for their button up shirts. The polos and shorts were either too long or baggy on me.

      Grooming… good point. I should talk more about grooming, haircuts, etc. For what it’s worth, I think every man should take very good care of themselves (floss everyday, wash face regularly, etc.). Anything beyond that is great. If you want to whiten your teeth (or just use baking soda) and trim your nose hair and eyebrows, go for it. I think it’s probably a good choice. And no, it’s not “gay” or metro or anything like that. (Haters gonna hate, though.)

      Shopping – awesome idea. I have a “stores for short men” page, but it’s outdated and not comprehensive. If you sign up for the email list, you’ll get a free PDF of a bunch of specific items from various stores. But yeah, I should have one page that lists everything I talk about or review, by category and store. I’ll get on that.

      Thanks for the detailed comments. Hope all is well!


  3. Hi Brock. What is the size of the jacket that you are wearing?

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